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Catsan Hygiene Non-Clumping Odour Control Cat Litter 5L

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Catsan Hygiene Non-Clumping Odour Control Cat Litter 5L

  • This non-clumping cat litter absorbs before odour can develop
  • It locks liquids in, ensuring a dry and hygienic litter tray for your cat

    Catsan Hygiene Cat Litter is a high performance non-clumping cat litter that absorbs moisture quickly and effectively before odours can develop. Cat litter granules act like a sponge as it locks liquids in, ensuring a dry and hygienic litter tray for your cat. Catsan Hygiene's extra mineral protection offers an especially reliable and long-lasting odour prevention, making this quality cat litter very popular with cats and cat owners alike. Catsan Hygiene is made from 100% natural raw materials (quartz and lime stone) giving it the hygienic white colour without any bleach. Catsan cat litter does not contain any artificial additives and is free from all dangerous fibres and other unsuitable substances, making it suitable for adult cats and kittens. Catsan Hygiene cat litter in a 5L Pack. The unique mineral protection of each granule of hygienic cat litter ensures reliable and long lasting odour control without added fragrances. This gives Catsan Hygiene Plus its very high efficiency and durability in a natural cat litter. The unbleached white granules of Catsan Hygiene Plus are made of 100% natural raw materials consisting of quartz and lime stone. This odour control cat litter is highly absorbent, acting like a sponge to lock in liquid. Catsan Hygiene Plus is a natural non-clumping cat litter. It is recommended that owners remove the solid faeces daily and replace the cat litter once a week for continued odour control and the fresh, clean environment your cat loves. Suggestion for one cat. Catsan Hygiene Plus has very low dust development when poured out of the easy-open-bag. For a cat litter tray that is always clean and hygienic, choose Catsan Hygiene Plus and keep your feline happy.


Handling and Cooking


It's So Easy... Please fill the litter box with Catsan® to a depth of min. 5 cm. Remove the solid waste individually every day and change Catsan® completely on a regular basis. If you have under-floor heating, please put insulating material under the litter box.


Product Packaging Information

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