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Dalgety Chai Masala Tea, 72g

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Dalgety Chai Masala Tea, 72g

Dalgety Chai Masala Tea is a type of flavored tea offered by Dalgety Herbal Teas, a company known for its herbal and specialty tea blends. Chai Masala Tea is inspired by the traditional Indian masala chai, which is a spiced tea beverage that is popular in India and enjoyed worldwide.

Chai Masala Tea typically contains a blend of black tea leaves and a variety of aromatic spices. The specific ingredients and proportions of spices can vary, but common spices used in chai masala blends include cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and black pepper. These spices give the tea a warm, rich, and complex flavor profile.

Chai Masala Tea is often brewed with milk and sweetened with sugar or honey to create a creamy and indulgent beverage. It can be enjoyed hot or cold, depending on personal preference. The tea is known for its comforting and invigorating qualities, and it has become a popular choice for tea enthusiasts looking for a flavorful and aromatic tea experience.

It's worth noting that Dalgety Chai Masala Tea may have its own unique blend and flavor profile, as different brands and companies may have variations in their chai masala recipes. If you're specifically interested in Dalgety Chai Masala Tea, it's recommended to refer to their product information or contact the company directly for more details on their specific blend and brewing recommendations.

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Case of 1, Case of 6

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