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Coca-Cola Zero Sugar 7L Postmix Bag in Box

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Coca-Cola Original Taste 7L BIB

Coca-Cola Original Taste 7L BIB refers to a 7-liter Bag-in-Box (BIB) packaging format of Coca-Cola's original taste soda. Here are some key details about Coca-Cola Original Taste 7L BIB:

Product: Coca-Cola Original Taste is a popular carbonated soft drink known for its signature flavor and refreshing taste. The 7L BIB packaging format is commonly used in commercial settings, such as restaurants, bars, and other foodservice establishments.

Bag-in-Box (BIB): BIB packaging consists of a collapsible bag, usually made of plastic, placed inside a cardboard box. The BIB format is designed to provide convenient and efficient dispensing of beverages. The bag is connected to a dispensing system or soda fountain, allowing for easy serving of Coca-Cola.

Original Taste: Coca-Cola Original Taste refers to the classic formulation of Coca-Cola, which has been enjoyed for many years. It is known for its distinct blend of flavors, including cola, caramel, and citrus notes.

Volume: The 7L BIB size indicates that the package contains 7 liters (or approximately 1.85 gallons) of Coca-Cola Original Taste. This size is ideal for commercial use, as it provides a sufficient quantity of beverage for serving multiple customers.

Dispensing: The 7L BIB package is typically connected to a dispensing system or soda fountain. This allows the Coca-Cola to be easily dispensed and served in various quantities, such as cups or glasses.

Please note that the availability and specific details of the Coca-Cola Original Taste 7L BIB may vary depending on your location and the specific supplier or distributor. It's recommended to reach out to Coca-Cola or your local beverage supplier for more information and purchasing options.

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